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Northern Lights Village Saariselkä - Aurora Accommodation
Northern Lights Village Saariselkä - Aurora Accommodation

At midnight, a white arctic fox dashes up the fells, trailing its tail through the snow shooting flickers into the sky. The aurora borealis burst into flame over Lapland. Only the glass roof separates you and your warm bed from the cold, flaming sky.

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Glass-roofed Village under the Aurora Borealis


Aurora Hunting – Arctic Activities – Accommodation | Located in Saariselkä – Lapland – Finland

Glass-roof Aurora Accommodation in Saariselkä, Finland

Aurora Accommodation

Northern Lights Village Resort

Spend an unforgettable vacation in the glass-roofed village, beneath the green glow of the magical Northern Lights. Located in Saariselkä, The Northern Lights Village provides a unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights and the wild nature of Finnish Lapland at close range, without sacrificing comfort.

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Arctic Activities

Northern Lights Adventures

Wander up the silent fell in snowshoes, take a snowmobile into the wilderness, glide through the snow-covered forest in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and spend the night gazing the Northern Lights. Specializing in hunting and photographing the Northern Lights,  The Northern Lights Village is your base camp for all arctic adventures.

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Construction notice

Our restaurant is currently being expanded and we expect the construction work to be concluded mid-November. During this period, we’re aiming at keeping noise levels to a minimum. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Built entirely of ice and snow


Milder weather. More light. Less crowd.


Did you know, that the Northern Lights were thought to possess great magical power and this is why the ancient Sámi shamanic drums have dedicated patterns for controlling the flames of the sky. It is not hard to see why they believed that when You are in the quiet, arctic wilderness and the night sky lights up.