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Aurora Camp by the Lake 3h

3 hours Northern Lights Hunting by Lake Inari / Lake Rahajarvi
Price: 120€
Product number: A1 for Winter Season | F5 for Autumn Season

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“Do not raise your voice as the Northern Lights blaze, for this brings bad luck.”

An unforgettable evening, the roaring fire and the spectacular dance of the Northern Lights awaits you in the Aurora Camp, on the shore of a picturesque lake.

The Aurora Expedition is made in comfort by bus. On the way, we stop to take photos at the rugged Lake Inari, which was believed to be the home of Ukko the Overgod by the ancient Laplanders. From there, we continue on to the Aurora Camp on the shore of the lake.

In the camp, we warm up in a cozy hut by the fire, enjoy a warming drink and prepare a traditional Lapland midnight snack while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear on the horizon.

Grab a reindeer hide, lie down in the snow, and enjoy an unforgettable experience under the Northern Lights. If the evening is completely calm, you may even hear the whispers of the Northern Lights…

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Autumn Season
(until November 13th, 2018)

Winter Season
(November 14th, 2018 – April 21st, 2019)

All the pictures of activities are photographed in Lapland, in real situations with real people (* . All Aurora Borealis photography is unmanipulated and captured by our own guides on the exactly same locations you will be visiting.
*) with exception of some Searching for Santa-activity photos

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