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Aurora Camp on the Border 4h

Two sets of Northern Lights on the border between two countries
Price: 145€ / person
Product number: A2 for Winter Season | F6 for Autumn Season

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“It is hard to imagine a more spectacular sight than the Northern Lights – except to see the Northern Lights reflected on the surface of a flowing river”

Take a seat on the bus and enjoy the nocturnal landscape of Lapland. We drive through the silent village of Ivalo and the tiny Nellim, on the winding road toward the slumbering border of our enormous neighbor Russia.

From the border, we continue on for a kilometer to the Paatsjoki River bridge. We will make a fire under the open sky and wait for the Northern Lights to flare up. And when they do, the sight is incomparable: the river flowing freely and rapidly towards Russia, reflecting the red and green flames of the Northern Lights covering the skies, and the snow-covered trees. An experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Autumn Season
(Until November 13th, 2018)

Winter Season
(November 14th, 2018 – April 21st, 2019)

All the pictures of activities are photographed in Lapland, in real situations with real people (* . All Aurora Borealis photography is unmanipulated and captured by our own guides on the exactly same locations you will be visiting.
*) with exception of some Searching for Santa-activity photos

On certain occasions, we may have to change your activity start time. This may occur 24 hours prior to start at the latest. Not to worry though, as we will make sure your scheduled activities do not overlap.