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Aurora Hunting by Snowmobile 3h

Snowmobile Northern Light chase up the fell
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“The light of the campfire draws a warm bubble in the night, separated from the frozen, still nature, slumbering in the darkness.”

Take a snowmobile through the nocturnal snow-covered forest, far away from the residential areas and their light pollution, up the slopes of the silent snowy fells.

Up in the fell, we warm up by the fire under the starry sky and wait with an evening meal and hot drinks. Are you the one who sees the first flare of the Northern Lights?

Compose your photos to include the Northern Lights, the snow-covered conifers, and the fells or just let the unforgettable sights enchant you.

Our snowmobiles are new, extremely easy to use, and safe. If you wish, you can also hop into the sleigh towed by the guide and focus on enjoying the experience with all of your senses.

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All the pictures of activities are photographed in Lapland, in real situations with real people (* . All Aurora Borealis photography is unmanipulated and captured by our own guides on the exactly same locations you will be visiting.
*) with exception of some Searching for Santa-activity photos

On certain occasions, we may have to change your activity start time. This may occur 24 hours prior to start at the latest. Not to worry though, as we will make sure your scheduled activities do not overlap.