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Day trip to Nellim 6h

Trip to a village on the border of the east, the west, and the north 
Price: 99€ / person
Product Number: C1

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“The atmosphere in the Holy Trinity church is an inimitable combination of the log cabins of Lapland, the ornate luxury of eastern churches, the closeness of nature, and silent sanctity.”

Explore the meeting point of the eastern, western, and northern cultures in the tiny village of Nellim, next to the enormity of Russia, in the heart of the land of Sámi.

The bus will take you comfortably to the northernmost border crossing between Finland and Russia. We will spend a moment at the border station and continue on to the Paatsjoki River Bridge that crosses over the unfrozen river and provides a view directly into Russia.

We will also explore the Holy Trinity church at Nellim, where the log walls and the beautiful icons transform the shrine into a completely unique work of art, exhibiting the centuries-old Orthodox history of the Skolt Sámi people.

Lunch is served in the Nellim Wilderness Hotel, where the tables are filled with delicacies prepared from the purest ingredients of Lapland.

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