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Reindeer Day 4h

Day amongst the reindeer
Price: 145€ / person
Product Number: R3

“To celebrate the marriage between his son and a human woman, the Sun gave humankind the reindeer and taught them to herd it.”

What does a reindeer eat in the fells in wintertime? What does a reindeer’s muzzle feel like? How does a reindeer survive outside in -45 degrees centigrade? It is time to find out!

Thoroughly explore the Northern Lights Village’s reindeer paddock. You get to meet with a reindeer breeder who will inform you about the reindeer and the Sámi. And, of course, you also get to pet and feed the reindeer and drive a reindeer sleigh through the snowy forest.

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All the pictures of activities are photographed in Lapland, in real situations with real people (* . All Aurora Borealis photography is unmanipulated and captured by our own guides on the exactly same locations you will be visiting.
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