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Arctic Ocean King Crab Adventure

Day trip to Kirkenes, Norway including speedboat King Crab Fishing Adventure to the Arctic Ocean

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Get to fish and have a taste of the giant shellfish of the Arctic Ocean on this exciting day trip through breathtaking Arctic sceneries to the far Northern edge of Europe.

On this excursion, you will see some of the most breathtaking sceneries of two Nordic counties. A bus takes you through the treeless tundra and fells of Northern Lapland and by the barren, snow-covered fjords and mountains of Norway.

On the way up you get to visit and go shopping in a tiny peripheric village, Näätämö. After arriving at a fishing village Kirkenes, you will meet with Norwegian fishermen and are invited aboard a speedboat for 2 hours in the sea. The fishermen will dive down to catch king crabs, you will be hands on deck, helping to pull the catch from the sea. You get to hold the beasts and take some photos. If you are lucky you can spot birds, seals or even whales on the boat trip.

Back ashore the catch of the day will be prepared for a Norwegian shellfish feast in a cosy restaurant. While the crabs are being cooked, there is a presentation and conversation about the king crabs.

On the way back to Saariselkä you might get to see the Northern Lights.

06:00 Breakfast
07:00 Departure
08:00 Small break in Inari
08:15–9:45 Drive to Näätämö reindeer herding area, 30min shopping & toilet break
10:15–11:30 Crossing border to Norway, driving through beautiful Baltic Sea fjord sceneries, arrival to Kirkenes

King Crab Activity starts at 12:00
– Briefing from Norwegian fisherman
– Protective clothing and necessary equipment
– Speedboats, 10m ride to crab diving area
– Approximately 2h diving for crabs
– Return back ashore
– Portrait photo session, holding king crab
– A presentation with photos and videos about king crab and Norway
– The freshest Norwegian style king crab meal there is, eat as much as you can

16:00–21:00 Drive back to Saariselkä. Possible Northern lights by the way.

Please note that this activity is not accessible by a wheelchair.

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King Crab Photos:
Sollia Aurora Park

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*) with exception of some Searching for Santa-activity photos

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