The Spring-Winter of Lapland

More daylight for activities. Milder temperatures. Less crowd. Aurora Borealis. The Spring-Winter season from beginning of March to April 18th offers many perks.

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In Northern Lapland there are eight seasons of the year, and winter takes up three of them. They are known as Syystalvi (Autumn-Winter), Sydäntalvi (Heart of Winter) and Kevättalvi (Spring-Winter).

In February the Polar night and the long darkness of  the Heart of Winter slowly gives in and the days grow longer. The cold spells of -20 through -45 degrees Celsius gradually ease towards milder numbers. But winter doesn’t go anywhere, it just shows her more pleasant side. Spring-Winter, or Kevättalvi is the favorite time of the whole year for many Northern Laplanders.

Spring-Winter is full of light, as the glimmering, pristine ice and snow cover magnifies the light of the sun. At nights the Aurora Borealis light up the skies.

All this light and warmth gives the Laplanders energy to finally enjoy the wintry nature and many snow activities. Spring-Winter is the very best time for ice-fishing, snowmobiling, skiing and other snow sports. Many visitors prefer Spring-Winter too, as popular destinations are less crowded and outdoor activities feel more pleasant with improved weather.

The Northern Lights Village warmly welcomes You to experience the Spring-Winter of Northern Lapland from beginning of March to April 18th.

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Ps. We got you covered if snow decides to leave early and you have booked winter activities: See Seasonal Transitions and their Impact on Services on Terms and Conditions.

Did you know, that Aurora can be seen in Saariselkä until May?

The permanent snow cover last statistically until May 10th-20th.

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In so many ways, the Northern Lights Village is exactly what a good small resort should be: locally owned and run, staffed by people who care deeply about their environment, and dedicated to providing friendly service in a place where creature comforts are not always possible.

cwarrenlaw, Virginia, via TripAdvisor
Excellent, professional and welcoming. This excursion would be something that we would remember for the rest of our lives.

RudsysReviews, via TripAdvisor
The staff are all friendly and helpful. – – activities are reasonably priced compared to other safari companies we used. The Huskie dog trip was one of our favourites.

Peter & Carmen, Australia, via TripAdvisor
AMAZEBALLS! If it were possible to give the NLV 6 out of 5 stars, or a rating even higher than “Excellent”, it would be a much more accurate review of my stay with this awesome group of people!

Pushnik89, Canada, via TripAdvisor
‘Aurora Camp on the Border’ tour was such an amazing experiences, the lights waited until the very last minute to appear but the lovely guide made the wait fun and interesting. They helped me tick off a huge bucket list item in style 😀

Nyssa L, Australia, via TripAdvisor